At the completion of each season, Coach Koehr and the other Coaches appoint team captains for the next season.  They make the appointments after receiving as much input as possible from the members of the team.

Here‘s the form to give the coaches your input on who should be our Team Captain’s next season.

Coach Koehr’s selections for those who are “eligible” to be Team Captains are announced at the season-end Awards Banquet.  At that time, in front of the entire team, Coach Koehr discusses what is expected from a Team Captain and asks them to commit in the form of an e-mail to doing their best to meet those expectations.  With that written commitment, those selected to be eligible actually become appointed as Team Captains for the next season.

Below are some questions that Coach Koehr asks the team to think about when deciding who they think would be a great captain.  He adapted these questions from the thoughts of Coach Lowell, and they are a great description of what Coach Koehr is looking for.  After carefully considering the questions he poses, every member of the team is asked to participate in an on-line survey.

The survey is not a vote.  It is simply one input that Coach Koehr uses to make the decision on who will help him lead the team.

Normally, Coach considers both rising Juniors and Seniors, but if the team feels that an underclassman would make a great captain, he will certainly consider that person.

Expectations of a Team Captain

Adapted from the Thoughts of Former Coach Richard Lowell

Those who want the title of “Captain” should expect to be held to a higher standard, first in their commitment to improve as swimmers, and then secondly to others in their actions for others.

You cannot lead something you are not willing to do yourself, so first ask this about how you approach the task at hand… swimming.

  • Am I really trying to improve my swimming to the point of being willing to submit to the discomfort associated with an assigned workout, or do I back off, just going through the motions?
  • Do I have to get out of the pool during swim practice?
  • Do I try to move to a harder lane, or is the risk of working harder too much for me to do so?
  • When was the last time I did more than I was assigned?

Leadership focuses on service.  Everyone knows when you are doing something for yourself or for others.  What are small, obvious, concrete examples of service for this team…

  • Have I stopped to talk to a team member that seems to be by themselves and not really included, or do I just hang around those I am comfortable with?
  • When was the last time I initiated the action, beginning the work ahead of being directed, not waiting for the coaches to ask for me to do the obvious?
  • When did I last begin to move to be down on deck to lead so that all are ready for the exercises begin @ 6:04?
  • Do I arrive late or just on time?
  • Do I stay focused on others, encouraging the underclassmen during meets, cheering, offering swimming advice for improvement?
  • Do I jump in the pool to lead the team into the water?
  • Do I seek to help other, sometimes less capable, swimmers improve their strokes?

And, of course, the leaders of our team must live our GEMS…

  • Gratitude – “Who has it better than us? Nobody!”
  • Excellence – We focus on better.  Good takes care of itself.
  • Meekness – We help our opponents over the bar that we raised by winning.
  • Sacrifice – We offer it up.  We love all of our teammates.

Some really want the title of “Captain”, but do they really want to be held to these standards?


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