Each year, Seton Swimming takes qualifying swimmers and divers to the National Catholic High School Championship meet at Loyola University of Baltimore.  Because this meet has a qualifying standard that must be met in order to earn the right to swim at the meet, we generally go to Baltimore with just our “A” Relays and several individual qualifiers.

This year, the meet is on Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14, 2024.  The format will be very similar to prior years with the following sessions:

  • Girl’s Preliminaries – Saturday morning
  • Boy’s Preliminaries – Saturday afternoon
  • Girl’s Diving – Saturday evening
  • Boy’s Diving – Sunday morning
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Finals – Late Sunday morning and afternoon

Here is a draft of the logistics information for the Meet.  Thank you, Katie Condon for developing these Google Docs and continually updating them as the plan comes together:

Psych Sheet-2024 National Catholics-Jan13-14,24-annotated

Warm-up Schedule-2024 National Catholics-Jan13-14,24

Timeline-2024 National Catholics-Jan13-14,24

Everything You Need to Know About National Catholics

Housing Room Assignments

Detailed Schedule of Events

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Volunteer to Bring Supplies Here

Here are the Meet Announcement, the Qualifying Standards, and the Qualifiers to date.

Congratulations to Seton’s 2024 National Catholic Championship Team:

  • Swimmers
    • Ariana Aldeguer (FR)
    • Elodie Brox (JR)
    • Clara Condon (JR)
    • Haley Fifield (JR)
    • Kyleigh Fifield (FR)
    • Anastasia Garvey (SO)
    • Maggie Gibbons (SR)
    • Giselle Hill (SO)
    • Philomena Kay (FR)
    • Stella Paradise (SR)
    • Rose Waldron JR)
    • Joseph Borneman (JR)
    • Michael Brox (JR)
    • Liam Halisky (JR)
    • Connor Koehr (JR)
    • Luke Mantooth (SR)
    • Lionel Martinez (SR)
    • Thiago Martinez FR)
    • Andrew Nguyen (JR)
    • Max Wilson (JR)
  • Divers
    • Connor Koehr (JR)
    • Mick Fioramonti (SR)
    • Jacob Oswald (JR)
    • Max Gonzalez (JR)
    • Gus Kohlhaas (JR)
    • Philip Gomez (JR)
    • Rose Waldron (JR)
    • Maria Miller (SO)
    • Meghan Condon (8)
    • Elizabeth Francis (JR)

Here are the entries that I have officials submitted:

We have once again rented the beautiful Madison House, Museum in a Mansion, in a nice section of historic Baltimore owned by Dr. Paul Rhodes.  Here is a link to the AirBnB listing.  In the past, we’ve been able to fit the entire National Catholic team in this house, but I’m anticipating that we may need to supplement with some hotel rooms this coming season.

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