I thought you all might enjoy seeing the Personal Records for the 457 Swimmers who have been on the Seton Swim team since the beginning of ’00-’01 Season:

Seton Personal Records-All Swimmers Since 2000

And here are the Top 20 swims at Seton since 2000.  I wish I had some of the records from the 1990s because I’m sure that Katie Shipko be on more of the lists and that Lawrence Lauderdale would be on most of these lists, but they still are a historic record of the greatest Seton Swimmers since I’ve been coaching.  It’s fun to review:

Boys Top 20 Swims since 2000

Girls Top 20 Swims since 2000

I know a set of eight (8) brothers who are interested in a few head-to-head comparisons – and a 9th little brother trying to beat them all 😉

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