Nearly every year for the last decade or more, we have used the last weekend before Christmas as a celebration of the traditions of Seton Swimming with a Homecoming Meet.  At that meet, we invite our alumni back to cheer and swim with us.  This year, the celebration was bigger than most with 22 Seton Swimming alumni hitting the water and many more joining us on deck.

The meet had a great feel of Christmas joy with Mr. Robin Given playing Christmas music from his beloved Brian Setzer Orchestra, and two of my grandkids making their first appearance at a Seton Swim Meet.  The joy translated into victories against all-comers (except the large public-school, Battlefield) and 79 new Personal Records (PRs), including three (3) PRs of a 1:00 or more!

We had a great December this year.  At practice, we have successfully built every stroke and every wall from scratch, with all swimmers who were able to attend every practice.  We were also  able to give nearly all of our swimmers the opportunity to swim six (6) different individual events during the month.  That not only provided opportunities for everyone to hit multiple PRs, it has positioned us well to create the most competitive line-ups possible for the all-important Conference and Championship meets starting in January.

I was very pleased with the scoring, especially considering that I did our entries based on the developmental needs of individual swimmers rather than overall team competitiveness.  Our Boys, in particular, are looking really deep.

Here are how the scores turned out for us yesterday:


Battlefield High School               204                         Seton Swimming                 78

Seton Swimming                      133                         John Paul the Great          132

Seton Swimming                      175                         Trinity Christian            92

Seton Swimming                         190                         Wakefield                         45

Seton Swimming                         202                         Fredericksburg Christian       35

Seton Swimming                         201                         Williamsburg Christian          24

Seton Swimming                         214                         Fresta Valley Christian          11


Battlefield High School               161                         Seton Swimming               120

Seton Swimming                      150                         John Paul the Great          118

Seton Swimming                      147                         Trinity Christian            137

Seton Swimming                         178                         Williamsburg Christian          76

Seton Swimming                         204                         Fredericksburg Christian       57

Seton Swimming                         206                         Fresta Valley Christian          58

Seton Swimming                         208.5                      Wakefield                         42.5

Our Alumni are Still Fast!

We had alumni join us for some relays from a wide variety of class years ranging from Kevin Koehr of the Class of 2006 up to the Ceol Brothers, Mary Heim and Anna Kenna from the Class of 2018.  I was amazed how fast some of them still are.

One funny story I heard from my son Seamus was when he was lining up behind the blocks with a 31-year old Kevin and a 28-year old Daniel, he overheard one of the timers say, “those guys couldn’t be in high school!”  Yep, that was a while ago for them.

  • Our 2016 Boys State Relay of Matt Fioramonti (16), Martin Quinan (18), Will Arnold (16) and Andrew Quinan (16) went an amazing 1:48.31, a time faster than they swam at States in back in 2016! Had they counted for the meet score, they would have finished 2nd in the event.  Matt split 29.60 in Back, Martin split 27.63 in Breast, Will split 28.07 in Fly and Andrew split an incredibly fast 23.01 in Free!
  • Some of the Koehr Boys put together a medley relay that included Kevin Koehr (06), Daniel Koehr (10), Seamus Koehr (18) and Patrick Koehr (14). I started coaching at Seton to support a young Kevin who was showing promise in middle school.  That promise eventually grew into All-America honors, an individual State Championship, an individual National Catholic High School Championship and our first team State Championship.   So you can imagine the joy I felt seeing Kevin back in the water.  It was equally fun to see Kevin’s brothers swim too.  I felt a little bad for Seamus who was quite a good Breaststroker but because Daniel is the Koehr family record holder in 100 Breast (1:03.28), Seamus drew the short straw to swim butterfly 😉  Patrick’s 25.60 split was really good considering he hasn’t worked out in the pool for more than five (5) years.  Fatherhood and Navy Flight School seem to be treating Patrick well.
  • The 3rd boys medley that we ran involved two more Koehr brothers, Brian (16) and Connor (25), in combination with two Ceol brothers, Alex (18) and Ben (18). The splits were great for all of them, particularly Alex’s fly split of 26.35 and Ben’s free split of 24.30.
  • Coach Pat Mulhern jumped in to anchor a medley relay with Luke Marazzo (13), Peter Quinan (13), and James Mosimann (13).   The old guy can still move.  I wish we would have had splits on these guys, because they can all still move!
  • The girls put together a medley relay of Anna Kenna (18), Emily Heim (16), Jillian Ceol (16) and Claire Kenna (16) that came within .10 seconds of having the fastest time in the event! It was great to see all of these girls in the pool again.  Anna was Seton’s most recent All-America (i.e. top 100 time in the United States in 100 Back in 2018), All-State and 3-time National Catholic High School Champion, so it surprised no one that her lead-off 50 backstroke gave our girls a big lead.  Emily, who formerly played Tennis at Belmont Abby, and Claire Kenna, who is currently swimming at St. Vincent, showed that they still have it, but it was Jillian that was such a pleasant surprise.  She’s swimming with coach Joe Smolinske (O’Connell) at Marymount University – her butterfly looked really, really good.
  • Kevin, Daniel and Seamus Koehr teamed up again for the 200 Free Relay, this time with Coach Mulhern as the anchor leg. Coach Mulhern split 26.51 – that’s an amazing time for a man who is more than 60 years old!
  • The Quinan brothers (Andrew and Martin) teamed up with the Ceol brothers (Alex and Ben) for what could have been a very fast 200 Free Relay. Andrew and Martin led off with a 23.59 and a 23.37, respectively, and that was followed by Alex’s 24.95.  Up to that point, they had the fastest time through 150 in the entire event, including Battlefield’s “A” Relay – until Ben decided to wait for our “A” Relay so he could race his little brother Christian.  That was enough motivation for Christian to split a 24.31 to beat Ben in the public head-to-head match-up.  I’ll admit to really enjoying that 😉
  • Mary (18) and Eileen (11) Heim hadn’t had the chance to swim yet, and the other girls had already left so they Kevin and Daniel Koehr told them that they would swim with them. After Mary completed a great lead-off leg and Eileen had started, Kevin and Dan stepped back and pushed Mary back up on the block.  Mary took that better than Eileen, who was also pressed back into service.  Two consecutive 50s when you haven’t swum in many years was no small feat for the Heim sisters, but it was sure was fun for the old Coach to watch.

Our Girls Are Ready for Trinity Christian on January 4th

For those of you who are new to Seton Swimming, over the past few years, we’ve developed a great rivalry with our friendly competitor, the Trinity Christian Girls’ team.  One of our GEMS is Meekness (read all about it in a previous blog entry where I posted by Seton assembly talk on our GEMS), but in brief, Meekness means that we value competing in such a way that our competitor gets better also.  Trinity Christian is a living example of that value, because they have definitely made us a better team.

Trinity Christian is led by two superstar swimmers, Brooke Williams and Annalise Cornett.  We are not beating them individually, so the path that has led to victory in the past is scoring in as many places behind them as possible so we can win the event overall, even if they win the event individually – and of course, relays.

On Saturday, our girls’ medley relay of Caroline Griffin, Mairead Geiran, Isabelle Luevano, and Mary Pennefather had the chance to race the top line-up that Trinity can put in the pool.  Thanks to a tremendous anchor leg from Mary Pennefather, we came back from a 2.21 second deficit to an ultimate victory by .56 seconds.

It is going to be an interesting chess match for the relays on January 4th because Trinity probably can’t beat our medley relay, but if they use both Brooke and Annalise in the other two relays, we are likely to get both 1st and 2nd in the medley.  With relays scoring 10-5-3 for 1st through 3rd place, that would be a killer for them.

As it has been for the last few years, January 4th is going to be a lot of fun with our friendly rival.  No matter how it turns out, I’m expecting that both Seton and Trinity Christian will swim better than any time this season so far – and that would be Meekness in action.

Our Top Swimmers Showed They Could Compete

Fortunately, we don’t have to compete with swimmers at the level of Battlefield High School every week, but we did have some swimmers who showed that they could compete at that very high level:

  • Mairead Geiran (JR) is someone you’ll be reading about much more starting in January, but as the only one on our team to earn two (2) individual 1st place finishes on Saturday, I had to mention her now too. In the 500 Free (not a normal event for Mairead), she dropped 6.30 seconds.  That not only won the event handily, it also gave Mairead her 5th individual State cut and her 7th individual National Catholic cut.  She got her 6th State cut and her 8th (and final) National Catholic cut in 100 Breaststroke where she out touched the top Battlefield girl by .29 seconds.
  • Anne Konstanty (SR) was our only other individual event winner with her very strong swim in the 200 Free. That swim not only won the event, but it got Anne her 2nd National Catholic cut and got her within 1 second of the State cut.  I was particularly pleased to see Anne beat two of Trinity Christian’s swimmers in the event.  Anne also had a great swim in her first attempt at 100 Fly this season.  She cut 1.81 seconds from her PR in the event.
  • Caroline Griffin (SR) was in same heat as Anne in the 200 Free and took 2nd in the event with a time that is in range of the National Catholic cut. You’ll be reading a lot more about Caroline starting in January, I’m quite sure.

We Had Some Unbelievable Personal Records on Saturday

I’ve always said that the fastest way to get faster is to do the stroke right, and we see the evidence of that every single week.  Some of the Personal Records that I saw on Saturday were absolutely stunning – there’s no other way to get that level of improvement with conditioning alone.  Believe it or not, I’m trying to keep this list as short as possible to better highlight these stellar performances, but there are just so many:

  • Evan Wilson (JR) seems to do something that amazes me every single week. His focus and effort in practice are really paying off, this time in a completely different stroke – breaststroke.  His 1:12.29, a 5.68 second PR, was the fastest 100 Breaststroke swum on our team so far this season!  Evan also bumped up the 7th fastest 50 Free flat start time this season after a huge 1.07 second PR – how do you drop a whole second in 50 Free when you are already going :26?  As if all that weren’t enough, how about Evan’s .26 second PR in 50 Back?  That gives him the 2nd fastest 50 Back on the team so far this year.  Another great meet for Evan!
  • Lauran Curley (SR) is making me so proud! I don’t think she even knew how to swim breaststroke when she started on the team, but on Saturday, she swam the event 59.85 seconds faster than she did at Time Trials and was completely legal the whole way.  Lauran also dropped another big 3.69 seconds in 50 Free.   I know that Coach Zadnik is just as proud of Lauran as I am!
  • Elena Morano (SR) is another senior on our team who is competing on a swim team for the first time in her life. Coach Zadnik was just beaming when Elena dropped 83.00 seconds from her 100 Back PR!  Elena also cut another .29 seconds from her 50 Free PR.  Way to go Elena!
  • Kyle Da Re (JR) is also really improving in his first year on the team. How about a 30.75 second PR in 100 Back?!  Or another 1.08 second drop in 50 Free?!
  • Nathan Luevano (FR) continues to get faster by large chunks, making him competitive in almost every event with the older boys on our team. In 100 Fly, he swam the 5th fastest time on the team after a huge 10.93 second PR.  Then, two events later, he dropped another 3.61 seconds in the 500 Free.  His 6:13.90 is the fastest 500 Free time on the team this season.
  • Shane Koehr (SR) was swimming in front of five (5) of his seven (7) older brothers on Saturday, and it seemed to help him continue his string of strong performances so far this season. In the 50 Free, Shane dropped .40 seconds to go 24.47 – that’s the second fastest flat start 50 Free, by only .06 seconds, on the team so far this season!  Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Shane had a great swim in the 500 Free, beating his previous PR by 16.60 seconds after a very strong 6:14.72.
  • Christian Ceol (SR) is getting the most from his senior year with another breakout swim on Saturday, this time in the 200 IM. I have been so pleased with his attention to improved stroke technique and it really showed in that 7.02 second PR.
  • Mary Pennefather (FR) was as long as I’ve ever seen her on Saturday during her 200 Free. Coach Mulhern was also pointing out to me how she uses her strength to pull all the way through on each freestyle stroke, to the point where she flips water back during her recovery.  That great technique helped Mary to a 2.9.91 second PR in 200 Free!  The night before the meet, I took advantage of the opportunity to come to a girls Varsity basketball game to watch Mary play.  Wow!  Such an effortless 3-point shot that makes the rim appear to be 5 feet wide.  Not many athletes in the history of Seton could be the star point guard on the basketball team and anchor our “A” relays in the same season.
  • Jeremy Kleb (SR) is also have a breakout season for his senior year. How about a 6.26 second PR in 200 Free and a 5.29 second PR in 100 Fly!  It’s been great to watch Jeremy’s work ethic and attention to detail in practice this year.
  • Ava Hudson (8) continues to show me what a great swimmer she can become after her 9.49 second PR in 200 IM, her 2.90 second PR in 100 Free and her .17 second PR in 50 Free leading off a relay. Ava is rapidly growing into a 4-stroke swimmer who will ultimately be able to compete in all eight (8) individual events for us.
  • Joe Wilson (FR) rocked his 200 Free with a 9.06 second PR. It’s official: Joe could score big for us in any event we have in a high school meet – and he’s only a freshman!
  • Cate Waldron (8) broke-though on Saturday with two (2) really great swims. In 100 Breaststroke, she dropped 14.78 seconds, and in 100 Free, she dropped 10.12 seconds.  Those are huge drops Cate!
  • Kathleen O’Malley (SR) had a great swim in the 200 Free where she lowered her PR by another big 14.19 seconds. She also cut .88 seconds from her Breaststroke PR.  I’m so glad she’s back on the team for her senior year.
  • Julia Atkinson (8) looked tremendous swimming backstroke leading off a medley relay, and her 4.88 PR in 50 Back was the inevitable result. Julia also cut another .35 seconds from her 100 Breast PR.
  • Sophia Zadnik (SO) had another great meet with this week with a big 9.78 second PR in 200 IM and a 5.81 second PR in 500 Free.
  • Joey Arnold (SR) last swam 200 Free back in 2015, so there is certainly more to Joey’s 67.53 second PR in 200 Free than technique, but even considering his improved size and strength, that’s a lot! And the resulting time of 2:17.47 was not bad at all.
  • Lucia Bingham (7) cut 2.70 seconds from her 50 Free PR. That’s one thing if you’re swimming 50 Free in more than :40 seconds, but Lucia is now down to 32.52, so a 2.70 second drop is huge!
  • Teresa Bingham (SO) had three huge PRs, beating previous PRs that were already pretty good. She cut a huge 4.15 seconds in 100 Back to get down to 1:17.78.  She also cut 2.05 seconds in 100 Free and then cut another .10 seconds leading off the 400 Free Relay.  Her 100 Free is now down to 1:04.89 which is definitely going to get on her our relays for the championship season.
  • Lily Byers (SO) never looked better in 100 Breaststroke than she did on Saturday with her 7.65 second PR swim. She also showed great improvement from last weeks’ work on Butterfly with a big 2.92 second PR.
  • Jack Champney (8) looked as good as I’ve seen him in both freestyle and breaststroke, and it showed in his times. How about a 7.51 second PR in 100 Breast and a 2.81 second PR in 50 Free.
  • Lucy Cunningham (7) is getting the most out of her first year on the team, particularly in Saturday’s 100 Breaststroke where she dropped a big 6.22 seconds.
  • Amelia Geary (8) is improving so fast that I had to ask Coach Dalrymple who was swimming in her lane! She was so “long and strong” in 100 Free where she cut a whopping 6.36 seconds from her PR.  Then she nearly repeated the feat with a 5.80 second drop in 100 Breaststroke!  Great work “Grandma”!
  • Maggie Gibbons (8) had her head perfectly still in her 100 Backstroke, just like in her Irish Dancing, and it paid off with a huge 12.17 second PR. I loved how I saw her shoulders come completely out of the water with each stroke.
  • Virginia Hartung (JR) was just great in her 200 Free, reaching for “Skate Position” with each stroke. The result was a huge 22.27 second PR!  Virginia also cut a huge 3.16 seconds in 50 Back leading off a medley relay.
  • John McGrath (JR) has now figured out how to swim backstroke in his first year on the team, and it showed with a huge 11.34 second PR on Saturday.
  • Peter Konstanty (8) somehow keeps improving in big chunks. I was so pleased to see him figure out how to excel in Breaststroke with his 5.50 second PR on Saturday.  He also cut nearly a full second (.87 seconds actually) in 50 Free.
  • Lucy Pennefather (7) smiled her way to three PRs including a massive 2.73 second PR in 50 Free, a 1.91 second PR in 50 Back leading off a medley relay, and a 1.83 second PR in 100 Breaststroke. Those are big drops!
  • Rose Waldron (7) sure does look great underwater. Some kids just have the feel for the water off the walls, and Rose looks to be one of those kids.  Her great streamlines were a big factor, I’m sure, in her 9.89 second PR in 100 Breaststroke and her 1.77 second PR in 50 Free.  Nice work, Rose!
  • Connor Koehr (7) had amazing swims in the 200 and 500 Free, cutting 16.33 seconds and 11.97 seconds, respectively. His times in both events were quite good for a swimmer his age.  I can’t wait to have him scoring officially for Seton next season!

79 Total Personal Records for 65 Swimmers

There were loads of other Personal Records on Saturday also.  I always say that “if we swim Personal Records, the winning takes care of itself”.  That continues to be the key to Seton’s success in the water:

  • Liam Kellogg (JR) showed a lot of a improvement from this past week’s work on Butterfly with a 2.68 second PR. Liam has shown a lot of improvement already this season.
  • David Hudson (8) continues to work toward becoming the four-stroke swimmer that I want to see him become. Toward that end, he cut 1.93 seconds from his 50 Back PR leading off a medley relay, and he cut another .56 seconds from his 100 Free PR.
  • Isabelle Luevano (SO) did a great job in 100 Back and 100 Fly, cutting 2.89 seconds and 3.94 seconds from her Personal Records, respectively. She also has the 2nd fastest flat start 100 Freestyle and the 5th fastest 50 Free on the team so far this season.
  • Jed Albin (8) pleased me with his performance in 50 Free. That 2.93 second PR was a big accomplishment for Jed, and the good news is that Jed and I were able to discuss a few ways to drop even more the next time he swims it too.  Nice work, Jed.
  • Katie Albin (SR) was able to find that elusive PR in 50 Free on Saturday, this time by .13 seconds. She’s really close to breaking :30 in 50 Free.
  • Chris Arnold (7) had a good swim in the 50 Free, lowering his PR by another .31 seconds.
  • Meg Blanchette (7) has learned so much this season – I’m really pleased with her progress. On Saturday, I really enjoyed watching her cut 3.21 seconds from her 100 Breaststroke PR
  • JJ Brox (FR) is showing that he’s going to be a key player in the future of Seton Swimming with a big 3.05 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Joey Dealey (FR) had two nice PRs, dropping 1.38 seconds in 100 Breast and 1.28 seconds in 100 Free.
  • Elizabeth Dwane (SO) looked pretty happy after her 1.04 second PR in 100 Breast and her .34 second PR in 50 Free. I was pretty happy too.
  • Theresa Dwane (SR) cut another .10 seconds in 50 Free.
  • Haley Fifield (7) seems to hit a PR every time she hits the water. On Saturday, she cut 2.49 seconds in 100 Breast with a beautifully improved stroke.
  • Clare Flynn (8) improved her 50 Free by another 1.59 seconds and her 100 Back by 2.22 seconds. Great job, Clare!
  • Emily Flynn (SO) swam an event outside her normal repertoire, and the experience resulted in a 1.27 second PR in 100 Breaststroke. That was quite a performance given that Emily is still recovering from a week of being sick.
  • Peter Hartung (7) had a big 5.56 second drop in 50 Free!
  • Mary Catherine Hurley (7) had a great swim in 100 Breaststroke, beating her previous PR by 4.63 seconds!
  • Seth Kellogg (7) dropped another .28 seconds in 100 Free.
  • Michael McGrath (8) did a wonderful job applying what he’s learned about Breaststroke, and it showed with a big 3.35 second PR in the 100.
  • Clare Waldron (SO) was super in 100 Backstroke with a 1.98 second PR using her much improved stroke technique. She also cut 1.04 seconds in 50 Free leading off a 200 Free Relay.
  • Max Wilson (7) is going to be a quite a good swimmer for Seton. The way he is improving, I’d say he could be an important scoring swimmer for us as early as next year!  On Saturday, he cut 1.01 seconds from his 100 Breaststroke PR.
  • Gianna Cackett got her first taste of high school swimming with the 50 and 100 Free. Her 34.01 and 1:16.40 were quite good for a girl her age.  Can’t wait to get her on the team full-time.

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

As with our other meets in December, I like to push some of our kids outside their comfort zone and give them the opportunity to see if they can score with the Varsity team at some point in the future in events like 100 Fly, the 200 IM or Free and the 500 Free.  Here are some of the kids who learned about a little about handing discomfort:

  • Ryan Beltran (8) – 200 IM
  • Elodie Brox (7) – 500 Free
  • JJ Bros (FR) – 100 Fly
  • Haley Fifield (7) – 500 Free
  • Maggie Gibbons (8) – 100 Fly
  • John McGrath (JR) – 200 IM
  • Michael McGrath (8) – 200 IM
  • Shannon O’Malley (7) – 100 Fly
  • Mary Clare Waldron (SO) – 100 Fly
  • Max Wilson (7) – 100 Fly
  • Madelyn Zadnik (8) – 200 IM and 500 Free

The Competition for the Boys Championship Relays is Heating Up

I hope to see a lot of the big boys at practice over Christmas break, because it may determine who’ll will be swimming on which relays at States and National Catholics.  Here is my tracking spreadsheet for splits among the top boys for the 200 and 400 Free Relays.

There is also some competition for the slots in the medley relay, but with timings system issues during the first event in 2 of our 3 December meets, the data is still inconclusive.  Here’s my tracking spreadsheet for the boys splits:

Relay Splits -’19-’20-Boys-thru Dec21,19

We have had a number of Relays qualify from States and National Catholics.   To qualify, you must swim on a relay during the season when it hit the cut.  So basically, that means that we can qualify an “A” Relay with 4 swimmers qualified, but we need 8 unique swimmers qualified to be able to enter a “B” Relay.  Here’s the latest information on who has qualified:

Top Relays thru Dec21,19

From this data, we have an “A” Relay for all Boys and Girls events qualified for States and we have a “B” Relay qualified for the Girls 200 Free Relay and the Boys 200 Medley Relay.

For National Catholics, right now we have qualified the:

  • Girls 200 “A” Medley Relay
  • Girls 400 “A” Free Relay

I will be conscious of this as I do entries for future meets.  If you get put into a relay event in the coming weeks, I would not squander the opportunity.

Common Disqualifications

We had a number of Disqualifications this past week, so I thought it might be worthwhile review the most common reasons.  We’ve covered these in practice, but it looks like we are going to need to do some more work on these things in the coming few weeks:

  • Backstroke Turns
    • If you do a flip turn, which you should always do, you can only take one stroke with one arm after you roll to your stomach on the turn.
    • If you do an open turn, you must stay on your back when you touch the wall and when you push off.
      • The same is true for the backstroke finish. You have to finish on your back.
    • Problems with Googles
      • If you have a problem with your googles, do not stop to fix them. Just keep swimming.
        • The main reason for this is because you should never stop for any reason during a race.
        • The problem with disqualification comes in Breaststroke and Butterfly.
          • In Breaststroke, you have to do one pull for every one kick.  If you fix your googles, you break that cycle.
    • Underwater Recovery in Butterfly
      • In Butterfly, you have to do an over-water recovery for each stroke. If you move your arms forward underwater, that’s illegal.
      • I understand that the more common reason for this is that you are so tired, you can no longer get your arms out of the water.
        • No problem there.
        • But that is also why we spend so much time in practice getting your big kick in the right place. That is what allows you to get your arms out of the water more easily.
    • Two hand touch at every wall for Breaststroke and Butterfly!
      • I know you all know this.
      • And don’t grab the lip of the pool, particularly on the finish!
    • For 200 IM, you have to finish each stroke per the rules for that stroke
      • That means, at the end of the backstroke leg, you cannot have rolled toward your stomach before you touch.

Christmas Break Practices

Traditionally, every Christmas Break, we have practices at the Freedom Center for the Varsity swimmers who will be competing in the key Conference and Championship meets starting in January.

There will not be a clear delineation of who is and who is not on the Varsity team, so for the purposes of Christmas practices, if you are entered as a scoring swimmer in one of the December meets, then I expect that you will attend as many of the Christmas practices as possible.

Practices will be from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on:

  • Monday, December 23rd
  • Thursday, December 26th
  • Monday, December 30th
  • Thursday, January 2nd

If you are in town, please plan on being on deck by 9:49 a.m. on those days.  I’m sure that Trinity Christian will be working hard too.

Cystic Fibrosis Swim-a-Thon

If you look under Meet Information, you will see some details on our annual New Year’s Eve Cystic Fibrosis Swim-a-thon, including how to set up your fundraising page and which fundraising team you are on.

  • By now, your team captain should have contacted you. If they haven’t, contact them.
  • Everyone who is in town should plan to swim, but even if you are out of town on New Year’s Eve, you can help us raise money.
    • The Given’s have made it really easy:
      • Find the instruction page under Meet Information
      • Click on the link to set up your fundraising page
      • Send a few e-mails to family and friends asking for a modest sponsorship
    • If everyone does a little, we should be able to break $10,000 this year.

We’ve had a highly successful first half of the season.  We need to continue to work through Christmas break so we can be ready to start competing for championships in January.

See you at practice,

Coach Jim Koehr

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