The swimmers listed below will be our post-season teams that will compete in our annual VISAA Division II Invitational Championship on February 4th and the DAC Conference Championship Meet on February 11th:

Girls Boys
·       Lucy Bennett

·       Sarah Blanchard

·       Monica Byers

·       Jillian Ceol

·       Alex Doonis

·       Emily Heim

·       Sarah Heim

·       Keziah Higginbottom

·       Julia Irving

·       Claire Kenna

·       Geni Lucas

·       Maggie Murphy

·       Kimberly Rector

·       Cat Rogers

·       Alex Sinner

·       Mikey Wittlinger

·       Bernadette Wunderly

·       Sarah Zapiain

·       Kevin Bliss

·       Hugh Brien

·       Seth Catalano

·       Vincent Dunn

·       Tommy Flook

·       Michael Hill

·       Brian Koehr

·       Patrick Koehr

·       Joseph Kosten

·       David Lambrecht

·       Luke Marrazzo

·       Paul Pechie

·       Patrick Pennefather

·       Peter Quinan

·       Steven Shaw

·       Jude Van de Voorde

·       Joseph Zapiain

The swimmers listed above will need to continue attending practice after this weekend.  For everyone else, since this weekend is the final weekend of the regular season, this weekend is also the final weekend of swimming for this season.

For the Division II Invitational and DAC Champs, every team is allowed to enter up to 4 swimmers per individual event and one or two relays.  There are no exhibition entries allowed.  The approach I used to determine who made these teams, which I am calling “Varsity”, is to actually prepare the individual entries for the VISAA Division II Invitational.  My goal was to put the fastest possible team in the water so my entries were based solely on time – fastest times swim.  If you are interested in seeing my analysis, I have posted the entries for the Invitational under Meet & Team Information.

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