Our annual Homecoming Meet on the Saturday before Christmas is always a highlight of the season for me.

The meet comes at such a festive time of the year when everyone seems just a bit more joyful.  It’s a time near the end of Advent where we joyfully await the celebration of the coming of our Lord, where family is starting to gather for the seasonal celebrations, and where all the kids are breathing a sigh of relief that another semester is behind them.

For me though, it is even more than that.  When I see alumni come back who have grown up into faithful and productive college students and adults, particularly my own older children, it becomes an annual reminder of why I started coaching in the first place.  It also refreshes the perspective that I’ve developed over the years about the place swimming should hold in my life and in the lives of my swimmers.

In 2000, my family came to Seton for the first time.  My daughters were in 10th and 9th grade, and my oldest son Kevin was in 8th grade.  We were searching for an outlet for Kevin who, like a lot of boys his age, needed something positive on which to focus his substantial energy.

He was an excellent swimmer who was doing quite well on a USA swimming team based at Vint Hill, but it was starting to become a bit of a chore.  I’m far more conscious of this 20-years later, but even at the time, my wife had the sense that pushing him to hard to excel in swimming at such a young age was not going to prove to be fruitful.  In retrospect, she was clearly right.

Seton had a small but thriving swim team with a coach, Terri Shipko, whose super-star daughter, Katie Shipko, was a senior.  I volunteered to help her out for her last year as I tried to decide if I was willing to take over for her.  It was a consequential time for me professionally as I was transitioning from life as a corporate executive to life as an entrepreneur.  I’m sure you can imagine that it can be a bit scary running without a net when you have 10 kids (soon to be 12).

But it was also a consequential time for young Kevin, and the Seton Swim Team seemed like it could be a part of the solution.  Practice three (3) days per week seemed like the perfect amount after the 7-9 weekly practices required for top USA swimmers.   Kevin thrived, and it also helped him make the transition to school from home school – another transition that is sometimes quite difficult.

After that first season, I was unsure of whether I could take on the head coaching job the next year, but my wife Colleen cleared that up for me 😉  Working with the team President at the time, current Coach Joanne Pretz, I started my long run as the head coach in 2001.

The next year, my son Fr. Sean Koehr and his friend Nevin Cook came to Seton as a 7th graders, and I started to realize that we could be on to something competitively also.  With the partnership of Nevin’s father, we started to evolve how the team operated and how meets were run.  We switched practice from Georgetown South to the Freedom Center, and we added music and electronic scoring to our meets.  It was an exciting time at Seton Swimming with each successive season bringing some new innovation to make the sport more exciting for the swimmers.

The kids, especially Kevin, responded.

By the end of his sophomore year, Kevin was going :55.40 in 100 Backstroke while swimming just three (3) days per week with me – and then Olympic Gold medalist Jeremy Linn came to town to begin his coaching career at a USA team called QDD.  Kevin asked if he could try it out.  I gave him an enthusiastic thumbs-up – mostly because he asked me, not the other way around.

Kevin was hungry for more and focused on some longer-term goals, like swimming in college.  A goal-focus is a sign a maturity that any parent desperately wants to see in their high-school aged child, and here it was.

The rest is history, as I know I have told you about far too many times.  After reaching All-America status and winning multiple individual and team championships at Seton, he went on to swim at Virginia Tech where he graduated from ROTC as an Army officer.  After eight (8) years in the Army that included a deployment to Afghanistan, he’s now the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a food service company that is rolling-up small vending companies in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions.  He got married to the former Eileen Heim (a former Seton Swimmer too) in September 2020, and he is now the man that any father would be proud to have as a son.

I love all my kids, and I love all my current and former swimmers like my own kids, but at the Homecoming Meet each year, when I see this 6’3” 250 lb. former middle-school goofball stroll across the deck to give me a big bear hug, I’m reminded of another thing that you’ve heard me say many times:

Swimming Ain’t About Swimming

Meet Scoring Results

In the end though, the Meet was a competitive event, so let us not go much farther without highlighting the results.  Once again, Seton was victorious all the way around:


Seton Swimming             231.0           Williamsburg Christian School               50.0

Seton Swimming             246.0           Fredericksburg Christian School             44.0

Seton Swimming             252.0           Immanuel Christian School                      28.0


Seton Swimming             182.0           Immanuel Christian School                    97.0

Seton Swimming             214.0           Fredericksburg Christian School           55.0

Seton Swimming             223.0           Williamsburg Christian School               52.0

It was a shame that Trinity Christian chose to pull out at the last minute.  It would have been great to have them in the water with us, but we will see them again in a much more consequential meet on January 8th.

I mention January 8th because that is the meet where the regular season Conference championship will be decided.  As it has for the past several years, the primary competition will be between Seton and Trinity Christian.  Our girls have won the regular season Conference championship 27 years in a row, so you can probably imagine that I will be taking this meet more seriously than most.  Trinity Christian has the talent to win.

This year, Trinity Christian will also be bringing a very talented team of boys, so neither conference championship is going to be easily won.  Time to get serious about training over Christmas break.

It Was Great to Have our Alumni Back

Beyond just Kevin, it is so much fun getting all the other alumni back in the water too!  This year, in addition to setting up some medley relays, I also set up separate heats of 50 Free.  Not surprisingly, the younger swimmers tended to beat the old men – and by old men, I mean over 26 😉

We ended up with four (4) mixed medley relays that all swam in the boy’s heats.  Two of those relays had a Ruth’s Chris steak dinner on the line with Liam Kellogg and Jerry Dalrymple started talking smack to Coach Mulhern at last year’s DAC Champs.  Shane Koehr, Liam Kellogg, Jerry Dalrymple, and Jack Santschi swam like they were still in high school to beat Coach Pat Mulhern, Coach Ross Palazzo, Coach Seamus Koehr, and Coach Jerry Dalrymple – despite Coach Palazzo’s 26.17 split in 50 Breaststroke.  I wonder if Mrs. Mulhern knows that the family budget is about to take a big hit?    It was funny that, after the race, I asked the boys if they had ever been to Ruth’s Chris and they answered that they had never even heard of it!

Two other relays featured an alliteration of Koehr’s, Kenna’s, Kleb’s, and Konstanty’s including a 24.61 anchor leg split from Fr. Sean Koehr and a 26.91 lead-off 50 Backstroke split by Anna Kenna.  I wonder how many Catholic priests can jump in after a decade out of the water and split 24.61?  (Fr. Sean’s anchor split in 2006 got down to 23.18!)

Then we had the big face-off in the 50 Free.  We had loads of pre-race speculation on the result during the live-stream, but in the end Coach Dalrymple called it right – Jerry Dalrymple took down the field with a 24.47, only .43 seconds off of his high school PR.

Jerry was closely followed by Liam Kellogg, Jack Santschi, and Shane Koehr.  The leading old men were Kevin Koehr followed surprisingly closely by little brother Patrick Koehr who was right with the leaders at the turn.  The race also featured Daniel Koehr (in Board shorts), Coach Seamus Koehr, Anne Konstanty, Jeremy Kleb, and John McGrath line up for the 50 Free once again.

Fortunately for Jerry though, the Coaches swam in a separate heat.  Wearing a suit that Caeleb Dressel actually wore in a championship meet, 25-year old Coach Ross Palazzo smoked a 21.75.  Yes, that was remarkable, but even more remarkable was watching 64-year old Coach Pat Mulhern go 28.40 and 60-year old Coach Jerry Zadnik go 28.55 – wow!

One other very pleasant surprise was the return of former team manager Callie Couture, who showed up just in time!  With our other managers not able to attend, Callie jumped right in to help me change relays for missing kids at the last minute.  She didn’t miss a beat!

Homecoming is a great meet every year.  See you all next Saturday, December 17, 2022 for our Homecoming next season!

The Boys Team is Starting to Emerge

Over the past two (2) seasons, we’ve seen a huge group of powerful male swimmers graduate, leaving what I feared would be a void in our ranks.  I’m happy to report however, that we have seen a number of the new upperclassmen step forward and excel in the water early in the season:

  • Joe Wilson (JR) showed his versatility by taking 1st place overall in both the 500 Free and 100 Breaststroke rather than the sprints. In the 500, he dropped 10.36 seconds and went 6:10.15.
  • Nathan Luevano (JR) took 2nd in 100 Backstroke and 3rd in the 200 Free. His 200 Free was very close to his PR which is a great indication of things to come given that we are still early in the season.  Christmas break practice will tell the tale for Nathan, I think.
  • Joey Dealey (JR) had a great swim in the 200 IM, beating his previous best by 17.98 seconds to take 2nd He also took 3rd in 100 Fly.
  • David Hudson (SO) looked very strong on Saturday cutting his 100 Free PR by another .94 seconds. His 58.50 was good enough for 2nd  He also took 5th in 200 Free with a good early-season time.
  • Connor Koehr (FR) had a great meet. He posted the highest diving score of the season for our team so far with his PR 161.85.  In the water, he took 3rd in 200 IM with a 4.08 second PR and 3rd again in 500 Free.  He also swam another PR in 50 Back, this time by .13 seconds.
  • Drew Nguyen (FR) has made a big splash in his first year on the team. I was so pleased with the results of his first-ever attempts at 100 Fly and 500 Free.  After some initial nervousness about swimming that double, he placed 4th in both events and convinced himself that he can go even faster without fear.
  • Michael Brox (FR) is only a freshman, but he is emerging this year as a future star on our team. His 2.70 second PR in 100 Free placed 4th, and his 2.32 second PR in 100 Breast took 5th.
  • Max Wilson (FR) swam four (4) times and hit a PR each time. He cut 1.77 seconds in 100 Back (4th place), 5.09 seconds in 100 Free (5th place), 1.88 seconds in 50 back leading off a relay, and .65 seconds in 50 Free leading off another relay.
  • Mick Fioramonti (SO) dropped 4.27 seconds in 100 Backstroke to take 3rd His 200 IM swim was strong for this point in the season and took 4th.  Mick also swam a .31 second PR in 50 Back leading off a relay.
  • Seth Kellogg (FR) has been turning some heads, including mine. His 20.59 second drop in 200 IM (6th place) and his 7.92 second drop in 100 Fly (5th place) definitely got my attention.
  • William Sokban (FR) has been a great addition to the team this season. I was so pleased to see a huge 1.19 second PR in 50 Free to take 6th and a strong swim in 100 Breaststroke to take 8th.
  • Josh Fioramonti (8) is showing his potential both on the board and in the water. His 161.32 points in diving was a 12.79-point PR, and his 1:29.53 in 100 Backstroke was a 8.49 second PR.  Josh’s diving score was the 2nd highest on the team, less than one-point behind Connor.
  • Michael McGrath (SO) continues to show massive improvement under Coach DD Ross. How about a 58.74 second PR in 200 Free and a 22.20 second PR in 500 Free?
  • Peter Konstanty (SO) used his vastly improved start to take 6th in 200 Free and 8th in 50 Free.
  • Jacob Oswald (FR) is going to score points for us in the Diving during the championship season, particularly as he continues his rapid rate of improvement.

Our Girls are Loading Up for the Future

I’ve seen this situation before in the late 2000s where we had a core group of upperclassmen on our girls’ team, supplemented by a powerful group of younger swimmers.  The results were four (4) consecutive State Championships.  Could it happen again?  If it does, here are some of the key players who are emerging:

  • Ariana Aldeguer (7) doesn’t count yet in the scoring, but it is already obvious that you’ll be reading about her a lot in these blogs over the next several years. Her 500 Free time came within a hair of qualifying for National Catholics, and her 200 IM time was the fastest in the meet.  It’s hard to believe that a 7th grade girl can do 200 IM in 2:20.15.  To put that in perspective, our team record was set by Jessica Dunn in 2008 at 2:11.80.  When Jessie was in 7th grade, she went 2:41.60!  As if those swims weren’t enough, she led off the medley relay and beat all other Seton swimmers in 50 Backstroke – boy or girl.  Once we get Ariana paired up with the next two girls I’ll mention, we are really going to be on to something.
  • Clara Condon (FR) is someone that you’ve been reading about a 1.5-years now. Here 200 IM was a 4.66 second PR, and it scored in 1st  Clara also took 1st place in 100 Breaststroke and two relays.
  • Angie Testani (FR) looked great in her 200 Free, dropping 5.81 seconds and scoring in 1st She also stretched herself with 100 Backstroke, beat her PR by 4.68 seconds, and scored in 2nd place.  Plus she placed first in two (2) relays.
  • Lucy Garvey (SR) tried the 500 Free and took first place with a strong early season time. Lucy also took 3rd in an off event for her, the 100 Breaststroke, and she scored in 1st in two (2) relays.
  • Mary Pennefather (JR) is working her way back to championship form with two (2) 2nd place finishes in the 50 and 100 Free.
  • Isabelle Luevano (SR) was all smiles, and it was easy to see why just by looking up at the scoreboard. She finished in 2nd place twice including a 2.92 second PR in 100 Breaststroke and a great swim in 100 Fly working to add a big kick.
  • Mary O’Malley (SR) took 3rd place twice with great swims in both the 50 and 100 Free. In the 50 Free, she dropped another .40 seconds.
  • Mary Clare Waldron (SO) took 1st place in diving and 3rd place in 200 Free with a 5.32 second PR.
  • Céilí Koehr (SR) has always made the most of swimming the most challenging events, including on Saturday when she took 2nd in the 200 Free. She also swam a .07 second PR in 50 Back leading off a relay.
  • Teresa Bingham (SR) took 3rd place twice, in 100 Fly and with a 2.59 second PR in 500 Free.
  • Lily Byers (SR) took 3rd in 200 IM with a .46 second PR and 4th in 100 Free.
  • Maggie Gibbons (SO) was super in 100 Backstroke, dropping 5.43 seconds to take 3rd She also took 4th in 50 Free.
  • Emma Catabui (SR) was key to our State Championship last year with her performance in diving. This week, she had a 1.35-point PR for 6-dives and seems to be on her way to States.  She also had a .46 second PR in 50 Free and a 1.94 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Haley Fifield (FR) sure is looking good in the water. Her 18.05 second PR in 200 IM and her 3.11 second PR in 100 Back both scored in 4th
  • Lucia Bingham (FR) is rapidly emerging as a scoring threat for Seton. Her 500 Free took 4th place, her first attempt at 100 Fly was excellent, and she swam a 1.56 second PR in 50 Back leading off a relay.
  • Shannon O’Malley (FR) is emerging this year as a potential scorer in the championship meets. She cut 14.31 seconds in 100 Fly and .25 seconds in 100 Back to take 5th place twice.
  • Emily Flynn (SR) is just coming off a sickness, but in spite of that she finished 5th Once she is back to full strength, watch out!
  • Madelyn Zadnik (SO) took 5th in 100 Breaststroke and swam a .15 second PR in 50 Free.
  • Emma Brox (SR) seems to have emerged in her senior year as a scoring threat for Seton. She finished 5th in 200 Free and dropped .25 seconds in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Mary Catherine Hurley (FR) took 5th in 500 Free with another 10.53 second drop. She’s really looking stronger in the water this season.
  • Rose Waldron (FR) is looking like she may be able to score a lot of points for us in diving. On Saturday, she improved by another 8.15-points.
  • Anastasia Garvey (8 – SFH) is not currently scoring for Seton, but one day I hope to see her on the team, especially after I watched her two (2) great first-time efforts in 100 Fly and 100 Breaststroke, both of which took 4th place overall.

105 New Personal Records!

The most important sign of victory for me is the level of improvement we see.  As we say about the second point of our GEMS: E is for Excellence.  We focus on better.  Good takes care of itself.

And we got a whole lot of “better” on Saturday – 105 times we were better.  That brings our total to 498 on the season, half way to our team goal of 1,000 Personal Records this season.

Here are the swimmers who hit a new Personal Record (PR) who I have not already mentioned:

  • Sophia Zadnik (SR) had two big PRs. In 100 Back she cut 1.42 seconds, and in 100 Free she cut 1.19 seconds.
  • Gabriella Russo (7) is rapidly improving, this week by 1.89 seconds in 100 Breaststroke and by .07 seconds in 50 Free.
  • Lizzie Rohan (FR) was tremendous in 100 Breaststroke, lowering her PR by 23.27 seconds!
  • Evan Rodriquez (FR) continues to surprise me with his level of improvement from the first day of practice. On Saturday, Evan dropped another 5.80 seconds in 100 Free and another 1.00 seconds in 50 Free.
  • Emma Reynolds (JR) was awesome in 100 Breaststroke, beating her previous best by a whopping 25.08 seconds.
  • Justin Orr (SR) is certainly getting the most out of his one and only season at Seton. How about his 24.98 second PR in 100 Breaststroke!  He also cut another .16 seconds from his 50 Free PR.
  • Helena O’Keefe (8) beat her 50 Free PR by .04 seconds.
  • Jenna Novecosky (JR) had a nice swim in 100 Free, lowering her PR by 2.40 seconds.
  • Anthony Morales (8) just owned his 100 Breaststroke race. With a long glide, he dropped a massive 32.09 seconds.  He also dropped .33 seconds in 50 Free.
  • Aiden McCardell (8) had previously showed some natural ability in 100 Breaststroke, but now with some more instruction, he’s swimming even better – 16.38 seconds better. How was it swimming next to Coach Palazzo in the 50 Free Aiden?
  • Penny Kramer (7) had PRs in 100 Free (by 2.05 seconds) and in 50 Free (by .07 seconds.
  • Cora Kramer (7) had a huge 10.88 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Gus Kohlhaas (FR) improved by 5.34 seconds in 100 Breaststroke. If he keeps improving as fast as he has been, I think we’ll be seeing him swimming for Seton in the post-season at some point.
  • Maggie Kleb (SR) did really nice job in the 200 Free by lowering her PR by 6.59 seconds. She also lowered her PR in 100 Back by .49 seconds.
  • Sophia Kanazeh (SR) blew me away with her 18.45 second PR in 100 Free and her 2.73 second PR in 50 Free. Those are big drops!
  • Daniel Hurley (8) cut almost a whole minute (56.23 seconds to be exact) from his 100 Breaststroke PR! He also cut another .94 seconds from his 50 Free PR.
  • Patrick Hartung (JR) looked very good in the 500 Free when he cut 4.50 seconds. He also had his best 50 Back ever when he cut .67 seconds leading off a relay.
  • Gabe Hambleton (8) looked really good in 100 Breaststroke, and it showed in his 29.98 second Personal Record. Gable also cut .19 seconds in 50 Free.
  • Aoife Haggerty (7) had a strong 100 Breaststroke, lowering her PR by 5.87 seconds.
  • Max Gonzalez (FR) is working his way up to Varsity with some great swims on Saturday. His most impressive performance was a 8.83 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Amelia Geary (SO) had a great swim in 100 Backstroke, beating her previous best by 3.45 seconds.
  • Elizabeth Francis (FR) continues to improve, this time with a 2.54 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Rebekah DeWolf (SR) – wow! How do you drop 66.72 seconds in 100 Breaststroke?  That was the biggest drop in the whole meet.  She also cut .28 seconds in 100 Free.
  • Joseph Borneman (FR) cut 16.46 seconds from his PR in 100 Breaststroke, and he had an impressive first-ever attempt at 200 IM.
  • Nora Blanchette (8) sure looked good in 100 Breaststroke, lowering her PR by .98 seconds.
  • Aaron Bishop (SO) had a massive drop in 200 Free, beating his previous best by 37.51 seconds.
  • Mariana Bingham (7) had a great swim in 100 Breaststroke with a 15.30 second PR.
  • Ryan Beltran (SO) is rapidly working his way to the post-season Varsity team, and he’ll be there if he keeps swimming 1.35 second PRs in 50 Free and .71 second PRs in 50 Back leading off relays.
  • Molly Bauer (FR) brought that big kick with her on Saturday, and the result was a 9.90 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Greg Bauer (8) cut a huge 5.10 seconds from his 100 Breaststroke PR.
  • Julia Atkinson (SO) swam her best 200 IM ever, by 8.82 seconds.
  • Betsy Arnold (6) smiled her way to a 1.36 second PR in 100 Free and a .47 second PR in 50 Back leading off a relay.
  • Elizabeth Hurley (6) dropped 1.58 seconds in 100 Breaststroke
  • Monica Irving (6) looked the best I’ve seen her during her 10.44 second PR swim in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Sofia Kohlhaas (6) cut a massive 7.37 seconds from her best time in 100 Backstroke.
  • Joey Lynch (6) dropped .29 seconds in 50 Free, and he posted a pretty strong time in his first attempt at 100 Breaststroke.
  • Maria McGrath (6) had a great swim in 100 Breaststroke, lowering her PR by 9.09 seconds.
  • Dominic Miller (SO) beat his PRs in diving, 50 Free, and 50 Back, but the most impressive performance of the day for Dom was his 22.25 second PR in 100 Breaststroke.
  • Lily Waldron (6) cut 9.38 seconds from her 100 Breaststroke PR and .47 seconds from her 50 Free PR.
  • Jonas Wilson (6) looked very good in 100 Breaststroke, and it resulted in a 1.29 second PR.

A Message from Seton Diving Coach Ashley Keapproth

How lucky are we at Seton to have a Head Diving Coach like Ashley Keapproth?

A mother and an attorney by day and a passionate advocate for the sport of diving in her spare time, she has stepped up, along with Seamus Koehr, to provide us with a superior diving program that is making schools with far more resources envious.

The turn-out to “Try Diving Saturday” was amazing.  When I walked in and saw the number of kids at the diving end of the pool, I was blown away.

So, thank you Ashley Keapproth for providing such a great opportunity for more kids to experience the lessons of your great sport of Diving.

Coach Keapproth asked me to forward this following message along to all of you on the team:

Thanks to everyone who came out to try diving on Saturday!  We had a shockingly large turn out, and we were so excited to see so many kids with a curiosity about diving.  Although we had double the kids and half the coaches we were expecting, we hope everyone had fun and got a little taste of diving.  

We hope to do more events like this in the future and build a strong pipeline of divers to complement the Seton Swimming program.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach Keapproth at [email protected].

If you want to learn more about Coach Keapproth’s background, go to the About menu on www.setonswimming.org and click on “Coaches”.

Thank You Joey Dealey and Greg Bauer

We are very lucky to be able to get so much pool time at a facility of the quality of the Freedom Center.  There are many teams that we compete against who haven’t seemed to crack the code of more pool time, but somehow, we have been able to get it done.

I believe that one reason is that we are so helpful and respectful to the Freedom Center staff.  Joey Dealey and Greg Bauer were huge contributors to that one Saturday night.

After one of our high school meets, we typically leave loads of trash – empty water bottles, food wrappers, and the like – in bleachers and all around the deck.  As Mr. Kleb, Mr. Dealey, Mr. Fifield, Haley Fifield, Mr. Haggerty, Connor Koehr, and I were cleaning up all the various pieces of electronic equipment required for a Seton Swim Meet, I looked over in the bleachers and saw two loan swimmers sweeping out the bleacher area.

Thank you, Joey Dealey and Greg Bauer, for being so enormously helpful.

Wouldn’t it be nice of other swimmers thought for a moment about all the work that goes into setting up and breaking down a weekly Seton Swim Meet and offered a little help?

From now on, I am putting the Boy Captains in charge of organizing a group of swimmers after every meet to ensure that the entire bleacher and deck area, including the areas used by the visiting teams, are returned to a state that is better than we found it.

S is for sacrifice.  We offer it up.  We love all our teammates.

Final Thoughts

Each season, we always try to build every stroke and every wall (i.e., start and turn) from scratch between Time Trials and Christmas.  This year, we actually got that done, and we have 498 PRs to show for it.

Now it is time to start getting in better cardiovascular condition.  This is when the harder work begins.  For practice groups 1 and 2, that means some challenging Christmas break practices.  Please don’t miss – we need the training now in preparation for the championship season.

As a reminder, we are practicing on Monday and Tuesday, December 20/21 and 27/28Swimming is from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and Diving is from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

For the rest of the team, enjoy your break, get healthy, and come back after Christmas starting with our New Year’s Eve Cystic Fibrosis Swim-a-thon.  As of right now, we have lots of teams set up, and I’m starting to see the activity pick up – we are over $6,000.

Here are the current standings in the fundraising competition as of this writing (12/23 at 6:30 p.m.):

  • Team Nathan (Luevano)   $2,925.00
  • Team Lily (Byers)                $1,075.00
  • Team Mary (O’Malley)       $  425.00
  • Team Ceili (Koehr)              $  401.00
  • Team Joey (Dealey)             $  350.00
  • Team Joe (Wilson)               $  210.00
  • Team Isabelle (Luevano)   $  175.00
  • Team JJ (Brox)                      $    50.00
  • Team Teresa (Bingham)    $      0.00
  • Team Kevin (Orellana)      $       0.00

Let’s get to work for this excellent cause.  I’m looking for every family to at least do something, and certainly I’m looking for every team to be far above $0.00.  The Christmas season is a great time for us to try to think of someone other than ourselves.   Details are under Meet Information or here.

And check out this excellent reprise to last year’s video by the Brox family here.

One final humorous piece a saw in SwimmingWorld Magazine a year or two ago.  Here are the Top-10 Pet Peeves that Swimmers Carry Into the Pool

See some of you at practice and all of you at the Cystic Fibrosis Swim-a-thon.

Coach Koehr

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