Below is all the information you need for our Seton Homecoming Invitational Meet at the Freedom Center on Saturday, December 17, 2022.  Please read it carefully.

Seton parents, please sign-up to be a timer here.  Sign up for Hospitality here.

All Seton Swimming Alumni are welcome!   You can warm-up with the Seton team at 1:00 or in your own Lane 14 at 1:40 p.m.  RSVP’s to Coach Koehr would be very helpful, but please come so we can try to fit you into a medley relay and an alumni heat of 50 Free.

The meet will be streamed live on the Seton Swimming Highlights YouTube channel at:

Seton Divers should be on deck ready to stretch at 11:09 a.m.  Seton Swimmers should be stretching at 12:39 p.m.  

The attachments below contain everything you need to know about the Meet.  I will post the Psych Sheet, the Meet Program and the Meet Timeline after we’ve received entries from each school.

Meet Program-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22

Meet Program-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-Diving

Meet Announcement-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-v9

Warm-up Schedule, Timers-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-v4

Psych Sheet-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-v3

Meet Timeline-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-v2

Schools-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22

Meet Events-Seton Homecoming Invitational-17Dec2022-001 (Coaches Only)

Here are our entries for the Saturday’s meet, including the Alumni that I know will be in attendance:

Meet Entries-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-by name-v7

Meet Entries-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-by event-v7

Seton Alumni Entries-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-by event-v3

Seton Alumni Entries-Seton Homecoming Invitational-Dec17,22-by name-v3

Remember that my philosophy for entries during the month of December is to get kids in the maximum number of different events I can.  It is impossible to do for everyone, but I try to get as many kids as possible to swim all eight (8) individual events during the season.  For the new swimmers, most of you have swum 100 Freestyle and 100 Backstroke in the first two (2) meets, so you can expect to swim 100 Breaststroke or Butterfly this week, which should line up nicely with the stroke progressions we are doing in practice.

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