“Adapt and Overcome” is a mantra of the US Marine Corps.  It has also become our mantra at Seton Swimming.

Even with all of the obstacles put before us on Friday night, and as difficult as several aspects of the meet were for us, I can say that we were able to accomplish nearly all of our goals for the evening:

  • Establish baseline times for every swimmer against which we will measure progress during the season.
  • Teach everyone our pre-meet routine, particularly our warm-up routine and how we show respect for our National colors.
  • Get our Meet Officials trained

Here are the results from the Meet:

Meet Results-2020 Seton Time Trials

Individual Results-2020 Seton Time Trials

I look forward to fully analyzing all we saw.  You can look forward to my first blog of the season at some point this weekend – I hope.

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