Congratulations to the following swimmers and divers who will be representing Seton during the championship season.  These swimmers will be eligible to compete for us in:

  • the VISAA Division II Invitational Championship on Saturday, February 4th at the Freedom Center, and
  • the VCAC Conference Championship Meet on Saturday, February 11th at the Freedom Center

I have a draft of our entries for the VISAA Division II Invitational, and all the swimmers below are definitely swimming in that meet.  The exceptions are Mary Pennefather (SR) and Shannon O’Malley (SO) who will be out for that weekend so that opened two (2) more spots for swimmers who will only compete in the Division II Invitational.

Depending on how swimmers do on that meet or depending on the impact of changes I make to improve our competitiveness, especially for the boys, it may force me to leave some Varsity swimmers out of the VCAC Championship Meet.

I generally do it all by time, so I will do my best to find a way to get everyone in, but I must be as consistent as I can and do all entries based on the fastest times.

Specifically, I have generally used the best times swum this season.  For relays, I use the best relay splits swum this season.

For the rest of the team, this week, ending with the Junior Varsity Invitational on January 28th at the Fitch Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility (WARF), will be your last week of swimming for the year.  Let’s get the most out of it!

2023 Seton Varsity Swim Team
Girls Boys
1.           Ariana Aldeguer, 8

2.           Lucia Bingham, SO

3.           Elodie Brox, SO

4.           Clara Condon, SO

5.           Lucy Cunningham, SO

6.           Haley Fifield, SO

7.           Elizabeth Francis, SO (Diving)

8.           Anastasia Garvey, FR

9.           Maggie Gibbons, JR

10.      Moira Haggerty, SR (D-II Invite only)

11.      Amelie Halisky, SR

12.      Mary Catherine Hurley, SO (D-II Invite only)

13.      Philomena Kay, 8

14.      Kateri Mantooth, SR

15.      Maria Miller, FR (Diving)

16.      Shannon O’Malley, SO (VCAC Champs only)

17.      Jacqueline Oswald, SR

18.      Stella Paradise, JR

19.      Mary Pennefather, SR

20.      Rose Waldron, SO

21.      Madelyn Zadnik, JR

1.           Greg Bauer, FR

2.           Joseph Borneman, SO

3.           JJ Brox, SR

4.           Michael Brox, SO

5.           Joey Dealey, SR

6.           Josh Fioramonti, FR

7.           Mick Fioramonti, JR

8.           Max Gonzalez, SO (Diving)

9.           Liam Halisky, SO

10.      David Hudson, 10

11.      Dominic Judge, 8

12.      Connor Koehr, SO

13.      Gus Kohlhaas, SO (Diving)

14.      Peter Konstanty, JR

15.      Luke Mantooth, JR

16.      Lionel Martinez, 8

17.      Drew Nguyen, SO

18.      Jacob Oswald, SO (Diving)

19.      Daniel Sokban, 8

20.      William Sokban, SO

21.      Joe Wilson, SR

22.      Max Wilson, SO

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