The NoVa Catholic Swim and Dive came and went with an amazing diving turnout. Parents got to watch some of the best divers in our state. Seton showed well despite the numerous setbacks we’ve experienced this season. Official Seton divers for Saturday’s meet included Joseph Zapiain, Joseph Duran, captain Keziah Higginbottom, newest editions Sarah Tohill and exhibition diver Mackenzie Farmer, take note Mackenzie is a 7th grader. The boys competed against 8 divers and the girls competed against 16 divers from numerous independent schools in Virginia. Many divers who competed yesterday dive all year around looking for future diving scholarships. One judge who normally judges college diving meets was very impressed with yesterday’s performance.  I was very proud to see the improvement from December 22nd’s meet. Please note the improvements:

Dates       Dec 22nd          Jan 5th

Zapiain-   60.52               74.20

Duran      161.92             200.15

Keziah     121.20             117.65

Tohill       94.42               78.70

Farmer     101.85             111.40

As you can tell some divers had significant improvement. Sarah was part of an unfortunate situation by not correctly hearing her dive and performing a different dive all together. Many of the divers were unable to hear their dives. I think the ball was dropped when Sarah went off without her dive being announced a 2nd time like all of the others divers were awarded when the noise level got too high. I was very disappointed but look forward to seeing our new divers; including Joseph, Sarah, Mackenzie, Theresa and Dominic, continue to improve on a regular basis. We are all waiting for current Seton divers Theresa Verry and Mikey Wittlinger dive in an upcoming meet.

Coach Maureen Duran

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