National Catholics is a championship meet at Loyola University Baltimore on January 18-19, 2020 for select members of the Seton Swim Team who have hit a required qualifying time.

Congratulations to the following members of Seton’s National Catholic Team:

  • Emily Flynn
  • Mairead Geiran
  • Caroline Griffin
  • Anne Konstanty
  • Isabelle Luevano
  • Mary Pennefather
  • Christian Ceol
  • Drew Dalrymple
  • Shane Koehr

Here is “Everything You Need to Know” about National Catholics 2020:

Everything you Need to Know National Catholics 2020-v4

Meet Announcement-National Catholics 2020

Warm-Ups-National Catholics 2020

Qualifying Times-National Catholics 2020

Madison House – AirBnB Baltimore Team Headquarters

Here are the entries I submitted.  The Meet Qualifiers report has my notations on where your times will have finished in last year’s preliminaries.  I used that information as part of my decision-making process on the events in which I entered you.  I also considered the fact that you will likely PR and this could make you more competitive as I line up State Champs relays:

Everything you Need to Know National Catholics 2020-v3

Psych Sheet-National Catholics 2020-annotated-v2

Meet Entries-National Catholics 2020-by event-final

Meet Entries-National Catholics 2020-by name-final

Meet Qualifiers-National Catholics 2020-thru Jan4,20-with possible seeds

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