Congratulations to the following swimmers who made the Seton National Catholic Team:


  • Elodie Brox
  • Clara Condon
  • Lucy Garvey
  • Maggie Gibbons
  • Isabell Luevano
  • Mary O’Malley
  • Mary Pennefather
  • Angie Testani
  • Mary Clare Waldron
  • Joe Wilson


  • Connor Koehr
  • Mick Fioramonti
  • Mary Clare Waldron
  • Emma Catabui (not able to attend)
  • Rose Waldron

Here are our entries and the Psych Sheet (missing seed times have been corrected and will be used to seed the meet):

Psych Sheet-National Catholics 2022-annotated-v2

SST Entries-National Catholics 2022-by event-v3

SST Entries-National Catholics 2022-by name-v3

Meet Qualifiers-National Catholics 2022-Jan8,22

Qualifying Times-National Catholics 2022

Here is “Everything You Need to Know About National Catholics”, including Meet Programs and Timelines.  Thanks for Coach Luevano and Coach Condon for taking charge of all the meals:

Everything you Need to Know National Catholics 2022-v7

Warm-up Schedule-National Catholics 2022

Meet Announcement-National Catholics 2022

Meet Timeline-National Catholics 2022-Prelims

Meet Program-National Catholics 2022-Girls Swim Prelims

Meet Program-National Catholics 2022-Boys Swim Prelims

Meet Program-National Catholics 2022-Girls Diving

Meet Program-National Catholics 2022-Boys Diving

Meet Program-National Catholics 2022-Finals

Meet Timeline-National Catholics 2022-Finals

Here are complete Meet Results:

Meet Results-National Catholics 2022-Girls Swim Prelims

Meet Results-National Catholics 2022-Boys Swim Prelims

Meet Results-National Catholics 2022-Girls Diving

As we did in 2020, the entire team will be staying at the beautiful Madison House with our host, Dr. Paul Rhodes, at 4 East Madison Street in a historic section of Baltimore, MD.  You can see more about the “Museum in a Manson” here.

Not only will this be a nicer place for our team to all be together than a Baltimore hotel, the house will also allow us to enjoy meals together without the hassle of waiting at line at expensive restaurants.

Here are links to the livestream broadcasts:

  1. Saturday Morning –
  2. Saturday Afternoon –
  3. Sunday –
  4. Sunday – (with boys diving)

This is going to be fun!

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