We had another successful meet Friday night at the Dale City Rec Center against FCS and ECS.  It was not only successful because of the score.  During the meet, we had 47 Personal Records and 1 Team record!  The final scores were:


SST vs FCS        196-81

SST vs ECS        221-39


SST vs FCS        182-95

SST vs ECS        220-38

One of the things we discussed prior to the meet is the importance of being gracious to our DAC opponents.  Many of us know from personal experience how easy it is to become resentful of a team on the winning end of continuously lopsided scores.  We don’t need to apologize for being the top team in the conference, but we do need to go out of our way to show excellent sportsmanship.  I was very pleased when the FCS coach told me (unsolicited) how “pleasant” our team was.  You are obviously representing Seton well in the DAC.

Our new team record was set by Kevin Koehr in the 200 Free at 1:57.54.  Three weeks ago, Nevin Cook lowered the 200 Free record by over 2 seconds.  Now Kevin has dropped it another 3 seconds.  I expect the record to be safe at least until Nevin swims 200 Free again.

The 47 PRs that we established on Friday night was the second highest total for the season.  Those who participated in the fun were:

– Greg Bliss – 200 Free, by 20 seconds!

– Kevin Koehr – 200 Free and 100 Fly at :58.66 (Bryan Morch is still faster 😉

– Katie Planchak – 100 Free, by 6 seconds!

– Hailey Moya – 200 Free

– Katie Corkery – 200 Free, by 9 seconds!

– Whitney Hood – 200 Free, by 3 seconds

– Connor Cook – 200 Free and 500 Free, by 6 seconds

– David Harris – 200 Free

– Joe Ross – 200 Free by 4 seconds and 500 Free by 63 seconds (yes, that was over 1 minute)!

– Lea Mazzoccoli – 200 IM, by 5 seconds and 100 Back by 3 seconds!

– Kimberley Melnyk – 200 IM and 100 Free

– Kristin Rafter – 200 IM, by 3.5 seconds

– Katie Racine – 200 IM

– John Verry – 50 Free by 2.5 seconds and 100 back by 3 seconds!

– Jessie Dunn – 50 Free and 100 Fly, by 7 seconds

– Alex Hetrick – 50 Free, bhy 1.5 seconds

– Andrew Davis – 100 Fly, by 11 seconds

– Bryan Morch – 100 Free

– Mary-Kate Kenna – 100 Free

– Virginia Hagen-Gates – 100 Free, by 6 seconds!

– Tina Schiavone – 100 Free by 25 seconds (not 2.5, but 25!) and 100 Back, by 12 seconds!

– Danielle Smith – 100 Free, by 5 seconds

– Mandy Thackwray – 50 Free, by 3 seconds and 100 Free, by 7.5 seconds!

– Daniel Koehr – 500 Free, by 36 seconds!

– Melissa Dunn – 500 Free by 14 seconds!

– Meghan Morch – 500 Free by 14 seconds also!

– Tyler Hood – 100 Back

– Patt Gott – 100 Back, by 4 seconds!

– Kelsey Kleb – 100 Back

– Angela Hassan – 100 Free by 3.5 seconds and 100 Back, by 5.5 seconds!

– Katie Hoffer – 100 Back, by 8 seconds!

– Kirstin Kleb – 100 Back, by 4.5 seconds

– Sean Koehr – 100 Breast and 100 Free at :59.94

– Dan Qunian – 100 Breast, by 3 seconds

– Daniel Koehr – 100 Breast

There were several other swim that the other coaches and I noticed:

  1. We won every relay except the Boys 200 Free relay were FCS beat us.  My fault.  Now that I know they like to stack that one, this problem won’t happen again.  The girls beat a stacked FCS 200 Free relay by over 5 seconds, and I didn’t stack ours.
  2. Kimberley Melnyk faced a superior USA swimmer and backstroker from FCS in the medley relay.  Her turn was so good, that she was able to keep it close and put us in a position to win.  Great job!
  3. Bryan Morch showed a great deal of versatility by winning both the 50 and 100 Free.  I’m sure it was a welcome break for him from 200 IM and 100 Fly.  24.95 is not a bad 50 Free time!
  4. Jack Murphy is back on track in sprint freestyle.  He is very close to his previous best times.  I’m looking for some PRs in January.
  5. David Harris had an excellent swim in his first attempt at the 500 Free this year.  When he got out and saw his time, he came up to me and asked, “Coach, can I do that again?”  You sure can, David.  Great job.
  6. Tyler Hood look pretty good in backstroke.  I think he can go even faster – I’ll make sure he gets the chance to prove me right.
  7. Tina Schiavone was so far ahead of her PRs, that I had to ask another coach who was swimming.  Her hard work in practice is really paying off.
  8. Katie Corkery did a great job in 200 Free
  9. Meg Seale had quite a swim in the 200 IM against a very good opponent from ECS.  I was getting a little worried after backstroke, but after a few strokes of Brststroke, I could see what was going to happen.  She ended up beating her by 6 seconds.
  10. Coach Mulhern has been telling me to try Lea Mazzoccoli in 200 IM, and she proved him right.  After the fly leg, Lea was even with FCS’s top USA swimmer.  She went on to swim a big PR.  More chances are coming in this event for Lea.
  11. Betsy Mooney was really moving some water in the 50 Free!
  12. Geoff Ross showed some heart.  He was feeling sick after the 500 Free, but when I realized that I had made a mistake on the meet sheet, he immediately jumped in for the 200 Free relay.
  13. It was great to see Teresa Eidem doing flip turns in 100 Free.
  14. Was Joe Ross using Barry Bonds’ trainer before the 500 Free?  He dropped over 1 minute – a very impressive swim!  He also had an excellent leg in the 400 Free relay.
  15. Pat Gott was very good off of the first wall in 100 backstroke.  He continues to improve.
  16. Nevin showed alot of heart in the 200 IM, which he swam sick.  He still swam a state time!

We had several folks swim State or National Cuts for the 1st time this season:

  1. Melissa Dunn – 50 Free, National cut and 500 Free, State cut
  2. Lea Mazzoccoli – State time in 100 Back
  3. Katie Planchak – I missed the State cut in 100 back she swam at time trials, so I’ll mention it now
  4. Jessie Dunn – State and National times in 100 Fly
  5. Meghan Morch – State time in 100 Fly
  6. Kimberley Melnyk – State time in 200 IM
  7. Meg Seale – State and National times in 200 IM
  8. Bryan Morch – State times in the 50 and 100 Free
  9. Kevin Koehr – State and National times in 200 Freestyle
  10. Nevin Cook – State time in 200 IM

See you at practice tomorrow and Thursday.  We need to get some good work in prior to the break.  Our next meet is against another big public school – Battlefield – so we need to be ready.

Coach Koehr

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