On Friday, November 13, 2020 we will be holding our annual Time Trial Meet at the Fitch Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Center (WARF) at 800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton, VA 20186 across the street from Fauquier High School.  Please read this entire post.

The main purposes of the meet are to:

  • Establish baseline times for every swimmer against which we will measure progress during the season.
  • Teach everyone our pre-meet routine, particularly our warm-up routine and how we show respect for our National colors.
  • Get our Meet Officials trained

Actions for Each Swimmer Prior to the Meet:

  1. Ensure you know your warm-up lane assignment, including to which end of the pool you should report (see below)
  2. Ensure you know your heat and lane for each event that you are swimming. Either write it on your hand or have it recorded in some other fashion.  (see below)
    • Older swimmers who are not entered into the Meet are all Team Area Captains (see below).
  3. Come to the pool dressed to swim since there will be no place to change.

Time Trial Meet Entries: 

  • The policies of the Fitch WARF require us to limit our entries to 90 swimmers. As a result, several of our older swimmers for whom I already have good times will not be swimming in this meet.
  • Here are our entries for the meet, by name.  (When you see something like “4/1” following your name, that means Heat 4, Lane 1):
  • Here is the Meet Program with heat and lane assignments for the entire meet:

Event Timeline:

1:00ish p.m.     Coach Koehr sets up sound system and team areas.  Marks out path of athlete flow around the pool with painter’s tape.

5:30 p.m.          Stroke & Turn Judge Training and Meet Prep in the Upstairs Multi-purpose room.  Mr. Haggerty supplying VHS player.

6:00 p.m.          Dry Deck Set-up by Bill Dealey, Deck Set-up by the Team Managers, Team Area Captains’ Meeting with Coach Koehr.

6:19 p.m.          Swimmers start arriving to get screened by Mrs. Sandy Osilka plus WARF staff.  One Manager takes attendance.

6:39 p.m.          Swimmers start stretching in their designated Team Areas

6:50 p.m.          Timers meeting in the Studio Room off the pool deck

7:00 p.m.          Begin Warm-up Session 1

7:10 p.m.          Begin Warm-up Session 2

7:20 p.m.          Training on the National Anthem

7:30 p.m.          Time Trials Begins

9:00 p.m.          Projected End Time

Meet Timeline-Time Trials-Nov13,20-by event

Dry Deck Officials:

  • Unlike normal Seton meets at the WARF, the Dry Deck Officials will set up under the scoreboard
  • The table will include only two (3) positions
    • Scorer with the Meet Manager Software
    • CTS Operator
    • One (1) extra assistant
  • Coach Koehr, serving as the announcer and DJ, will be set up on the opposite side of the pool from the scoreboard
  • All dry deck officials will be issued a Seton Swimming gaiter-style mask
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer will be available on the Scorer’s table

Wet Deck Officials:

  • The Referee (Mr. Seltman) and the Starter (Mr. Haggerty) will be set up in front of the dry deck officials in a segregated area.
  • There will be nine (9) Stroke & Turn judges spread around the side and end of the pool
    • Four (4) of the judges are new and will be shadowing experienced judges as part of their training
  • All wet deck officials will be issued a Seton Swimming gaiter-style mask


  • We will operate with Head Timer Mr. Waldron and only one (1) timer per lane
  • Each timer will operate one (1) CTS plunger and one (1) Dolphin electronic stopwatch
  • All Timers will be issued a Seton Swimming gaiter-style mask
  • Here are the Timer lane assignments for all the timers will we be able to have on deck:
    • Head Timer – Will Waldron
    • Lane 1 – Christi Brox
    • Lane 2 – Joe Hurley
    • Lane 3 – Maria Hartung
    • Lane 4 – Katie Condon
    • Lane 5 – Nicole Testani
    • Lane 6 – Michael Bingham
    • Lane 7 – Mark Mantooth
    • Lane 8 – Jim Brox
    • Clerk of the Course – Alexandra Luevano
  • Thank you to the other Timers who signed up. 

Team Areas:

  • We will establish five (5) Team Areas, each with Captains assigned to ensure that swimmers maintain a 6-foot physical distance and wear their masks.
  • The team areas will be arranged around the complete perimeter of the pool and into the Leisure Pool area:
    • 7th Graders (19) – Captains Ceili Koehr, Mary O’Malley and Mary Pennefather
      • Along the side of the pool across from the scoreboard
    • 11th and 12th Graders (15) – Captains Evan Wilson and Jack Santschi
      • Along the end of the pool
    • 8th Graders (24) – Captains Teresa Bingham, Lily Byers, and Emily Flynn
      • In the Leisure pool near the pool the entrance
    • 10th Graders (12) -Captains Liam Kellogg and Isabelle Luevano
      • In the Leisure pool near the back door
    • 9th Graders (17) – Captains Jerry Dalrymple and Virginia Hartung
      • Along the side of the pool by the scoreboard


  • We will warm-up in two sessions with six (6) swimmers per lane
    • Three (3) swimmers will start on each end the lane
      • If you start at the Bleacher side of the pool at practice, start under the starting blocks
      • If you start at the Far side of the pool at practice, start at the turn end of the pool.
  • We will warm-up in two sessions:
    • Session I – 7:00 to 7:10 p.m.
      • Practice Group 1
        • 11 swimmers in Lanes 7-8
      • Practice Groups 4 and 5
        • 29 swimmers in Lanes 1-6, 9-10
    • Session II – 7:10 p.m. to 7:20 p.m.
      • Practice Group 2
        • 23 swimmers in Lanes 5-8
      • Practice Group 3
        • 23 swimmers in Lanes 1-4
  • Swimmers will wear masks to the edge of the pool where they will enter the water immediately.
    • Swimmers will bring a towel with them to the edge of the pool and wrap their masks in their towel just prior to entering.
    • We will have chairs set up at the end of the lanes on which swimmers can put their towels.
  • Here are the most current practice groups.  Please make sure you know which group you are in and on which end of the pool you should report – before you come to the meet:

National Anthem:

  • Given the time constraints and the space available on the pool deck at the WARF, we will not line-up for the National Anthem as we normally do
  • We will however:
    • Review why the National Anthem and our National Colors are so worthy of our respect.
    • Learn how to stand at attention like a US Marine.
    • Practice showing respect while the anthem is being sung.

Swimming Events:

  • We will utilize a Clerk of the Course which will be located just to the right of the starting blocks behind the lanes closest to the bleachers.
    • Swimmers will report to the Clerk of the Course by following the marked one-way path from their Team Area.
    • Only one heat should be in the Clerk of the Course at a time.
  • We will use the Clerk of the Course and flyover starts to minimize contact between swimmers
    • When a heat finishes, that heat will remain in the water until the next heat has started over top of them (i.e. “Flyover Start”)
    • Then the swimmers in the water will exit and follow the marked one-way path to the right, returning to their team area with their masks on.
    • Once those swimmers are clear of the area behind the blocks and while other swimmers are still in the water, the next heat will move from the Clerk of the Course to their place behind the blocks.
    • This flow of swimmers will be repeated for each heat.
    • This will slow the normal pace of our meets, but there is no other way to limit contact between swimmers with the small amount of space behind the blocks at the WARF.
  • For Backstroke, swimmers will exit the blocks to the right of the starting block and enter the water to the right of the starting block (i.e. opposite sides of the starting block)
  • Swimmers will report to the blocks with their mask on and a towel
    • Immediately prior to their heat, they will remove their mask and wrap it in their towel.
    • We will have chairs set up at the end of the lanes on which swimmers can put their towels.


  • The locker rooms are open for restroom use only.
    • NO changing or showering in the locker rooms
  • There is a family restroom outside the pool area at the bottom of the stairs for Coaches and Officials.


  • NO Spectators are allowed in the bleachers.  Sorry, I tried.
  • All results will be posted in near real-time on the Meet Mobile App under “Seton 2020 Time Trials”
    • We will post results for all Seton Meets on Meet Mobile so I’d suggest that it is worth downloading.
    • You can find the App in the App Store under “Meet Mobile: Swim”
  • For parents who are not one of the meet volunteers, may I suggest the following way to spend a nice evening in Warrenton:
    • Claire’s at the Depot on 3rd Street – Coach Koehr’s favorite restaurant in Warrenton.  It’s a white tablecloth sort of place with a great wine list – try the El Enemigo Malbec!  Reservations required.
    • Molly’s Irish Pub on Main Street – Just like it sounds
    • Black Bear Bistro on Main Street – Casual dining and drinks
    • Denim & Perils on Main Street – A bit nicer than casual dining
    • Red Zone Bar & Grill in the strip mall near Highland School – Sports bar
    • Applebee’s, Lone Star Steakhouse and Fosters on Broadview Avenue

Set-Up Requirements:

  • The following set-up is required for the Stroke & Turn Judge Training
    • Chairs in the multi-purpose room with TV supplied by the WARF
    • A VHS Player supplied by Mr. Haggerty
    • Seton Swimming Gaiter Masks with a sharpie marker
  • The following set-up is required for the Timer Meeting
    • 17 extra hand stop watches in case we have time to swim some 200s, two swimmers per lane at a time.
    • Seton Swimming Gaiter Masks with a sharpie marker
  • The following set-up is required for the wet deck:
    • Scorer’s Table under Scoreboard rather than the far side of the pool
      • Physical barrier to protect the Referee and Starter from swimmers traversing around the marked path between the Starter station and Scorer’s table
      • Hand sanitizer on scorer’s table
    • Sound System across the pool from the scoreboard with speakers in both the competition pool and the leisure pool area
    • Chairs at both ends of every lane
    • Signage for Team Areas
      • Grade Level with Captain’s Name
      • Reminder signs for masks and physical distance
      • Meet Programs
      • Warm-up Schedule
        • Practice Groups
    • Clerk of Course Signage
  • The following will be required for check-in in the lobby:
    • Managers with clipboards and the entry list by person
    • Mrs. Osilka to ask screening questions

Final Note from Coach Koehr:

  • The Management of the WARF and the Town of Warrenton are generously allowing us to, once again, hold our annual Time Trials Meet at their facility.  It would have been much easier for them just to tell us we could not swim there this year.
  • It is very important that we show the proper respect for the policies that they have put in place requiring masks to be worn 100% of the time while out of the pool and to maintain 6-feet of social distance to the greatest extent possible.
  • We all make choices in life.  In this case we have two (2) choices:
    • Be diligent about following the WARF policies, or
    • Not swim at the WARF
  • We want to swim, so we will choose to be diligent, and we will do it with great joy.
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