Here is the Meet Announcement for our Seton Winter Invitational Meet at the Freedom Center on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

Please read the Meet Announcement carefully because there are a number of things that are different from our past practice.

One big difference from past seasons is the protocol we will be using to mitigate the risks of COVID.  COVID Protocols for this meet will be guided by the policies of:

  • George Mason University,
  • The Freedom Center,
  • VISAA “Back to Play”,
  • USA Swimming, and
  • the State of Virginia. 

It is a privilege for Seton to be able to host this meet, but in order to maintain that privilege, all participating teams must be very diligent in adhering to the following protocols:

A second big change from prior years is that we now have a Diving Team.  The Diving competition will occur before the swimming competition.  For this meet, we are preparing for the virtual State Championship meet, so we will be doing 11-dives versus the normal 6-dives.  That will take longer.

The final difference is that we will be offering Time Trial events in 100 Free, 50 Free, 50 Butterfly and 50 Breaststroke ONLY for swimmers trying to qualify for “A” Relays in the virtual State Championship.  The order of events is included in the Meet Announcement below.

NO Spectators will be allowed inside the Freedom Center pool.  The meet will be streamed live on the Seton Swimming Highlights YouTube channel at:

I’d encourage all of you who are watching the livestream to print out a Meet Program to help you follow along:

Meet Program-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-1 column-v2

Meet Program-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-3 column-v2

Seton Divers should be on deck ready to stretch at 12:09 p.m.  Seton Swimmers should be stretching at 1:59 p.m.

Here is the Meet Announcement.  Note the change in the Order of Events here.  BEFORE the first medley relay, we’ll be doing the Boys and Girls 100 Free Time Trial AND the Boys 200 Freestyle.

Meet Announcement-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-v6

Order of Events with Time Trials-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-v3

Psych Sheet-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-v2

Meet Timeline-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-v2

Schools-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21

TM Meet Event File-Seton Winter Invitational-23Jan2021-002 (Coaches only)

Seton Swimming Warm-up Lane Assignments

Here are our entries for the Meet:

Seton Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-by event-v7

Seton Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-by name-v7

Highland Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-by name

Highland Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan23,21-by event

Highland Hawks Swimming Records-Feb16,20

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