Our newest assistant Coach this season is Coach Tom Kosten.  Coach Kosten has been a great addition to the coach staff.  Here are a few great things he saw during out January 3rd meet at the Freedom Center:

  •  In the 200 yard Freestyle, I challenged Jonathan Jacobeen to break the 3 minute mark.  He did not disappoint and posted a 2:42.45 result knocking off 22.34 seconds off his time.  Great Job Jonathan!
  • Before the 200 yard Freestyle, I showed Ivan Harangozo his previous time of 2:44.89 and told him to go for 2:40.  He also did not disappoint and posted a 2:40.33.  Great Job Ivan!
  • Thomas Kosten and Matthew Verry both broke the 3 minute mark on their first attempt at the 200 yard Individual Medley.  Good Job guys.
  • Ali Salas looked at her previous time in the 100 free of 135.78 and was focused to beat it.  She posted a 133:21.  Great Job Ali!
  • Lizzie Rogers was also focused on beating her previous time in the 100 free of 1:17.85 and swam a 1:15.91.  Nice job Lizzie.
  • Michael Hill continues to break his PRs by shaving 10.40 off his 100 breast stroke and 2.32 off of his 100 free.  Keep up the good work Michael.
  • David Lambrecht swam with intensity and brought his 100 free time down 1.10.  Great job David.
  • Joseph Kosten was focused on bringing down his 100 freestyle time and he said that it would be no problem since his previous time was from the time trials and that he was in much better shape now.  He was right and lowered his time by 12:67.  Great job Joseph.
  • Joseph Scheetz looked at me like I was crazy when I told him to shave 1 second off of is 100 freestyle time of 1:27.66.  I told him he could do it.  He lowered his time by almost 2 seconds by dropping 1.91 off his time.  Super job Joe.
  • Abbie Purnell’s previous 100 freestyle time was 121.05.  I really challenged her when I asked her to take 2 seconds off of her time.  She said she couldn’t do it…..she was right, she took an amazing 4.63 second off her time lowering it to 1:16.42.  Super job Abbie!!
  • Matthew Verry knocked an astounding 39.14 second off his 500 free time.  Matt must have attended the Captain’s practices over break and kept his endurance edge.  Great job Matt. Keep up the good work.
  • Theresa Verry had two PRs.  Her first came in the 50 free knocking 1.03 seconds off her previous time of 35.27 and the other was an amazing 3.82 seconds off of her 100 breast stroke.  Keep up the good attitude and hard work Theresa!
  • Connor Kleb saw that he was swimming anchor for the 200 yard freestyle relay and was worried about losing the lead.  I assured him that he was going to have a great race and he said your right.  Connor had a great start as Timmy Murphy came into the wall and Connor finished the race with a good strong finish enabling his relay to win that heat!  Good job Connor.
  • I challenged Alex Harrill to break 140 seconds on his 100 yard breast stroke.  He said he would try….then he corrected himself and said he would break 140 seconds.  His positive attitude produced an amazing drop of 6.18 seconds off his previous time.  Positive attitudes produce positive results.  Great Job Alex.  I can’t wait to see what you do in the 500 this year 😉
  • Joseph Kosten challenged himself in his 100 breast stroke event and removed an amazing 24.74 seconds off of his time.  Attending the optional practices during the break must have paid off.  Keep up the hard work and good attitude Joseph.
  • Kevin Bliss also produced a PR when he shaved .35 off his 100 breast.  Good job Kevin.
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