Here is the Meet Announcement for our meet at the Freedom Center on Saturday, January 18, 2020.  Please be on deck ready to stretch at 12:39 p.m.

Meet Announcement-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20-updated warm-ups

Meet Timeline–Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20

School List-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20

Team Manager Event File-Seton Winter Invitational (Coaches Use Only)

Here are our entries for the Seton Winter Invitational.  This is going to be a great opportunity for many of you to excel in events that you’d don’t often swim:

Psych Sheet–Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20

Meet Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20-by event-v5

Meet Entries-Seton Winter Invitational-Jan18,20-by name-v5

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